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Mijente is a digital and grassroots hub for Latinx and Chicanx organizing and movement building. You can find out more about our work in the following:

Current Openings

To apply, click on an opening below and submit your resume along with a cover letter OR video submission. Your resume matters but we also want to know you and your greatness. Video submissions should be no longer than 3 mins and can be in English or Spanish.

Salary and benefits for each position will be competitive and unique to each applicant. These positions will be remote and this will factor into the decision-making. If you have any questions about the application process, please email

Deadline: December 18, 2017

The Deputy Director is a new senior level position created to operationalize Mijente’s organizational strategy. Mijente is growing on many different fronts and we seek a candidate whose passion lies in the management and architecture of successful organization, networks and movements. The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial and able to balance between sustainable growth and taking advantage of opportunities. The Deputy Director will work closely with and report to Mijente’s Director.

Required Qualifications

• At least seven years’ relevant work experience

• Excellent communication skills

• Team builder, motivator, task master

• Experience and interest in organizational development

• Top notch organizational skills, detail oriented

• Entrepreneurial: take calculated risks, identify problems that need to be solved, test out ideas

• Ability to work remotely, travel less than 20% of time

• Commitment to community organizing and movement building

Areas of Responsibility

Organizational Growth & Financial Management

• Oversee organizational financials, protocols and periodic audits.

• Assess and advise on prospective projects, opportunities for growth and potential threats.

• Develop organizational budget in collaboration with national Director. 

• Lead efforts to develop diverse sources of revenue.

Staff Coordination & Supervision

• Develop methods and processes to measure organizational performance and impact.

• Design format and systems for staff accountability and support.

• Organize staff and organizational leadership planning meetings and team building events.

• Cultivate healthy organizational culture, create intentional space to name and shape existing dynamics.

Organizational Development & Operations

• Directing, maintain and update human resources, including personnel policies, compliance and hiring, benefits and more.

• Implement employee policies administer payroll and benefits

• Manage facilities and vendors, order supplies

• Handle accounts receivable/payable and help teams with various admin tasks.


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The Campaign Director is a new senior level position created to help trail blaze and lead Mijente’s campaigns. Campaigns are a critical part of our work, where the rubber hits the road on theories and ideas and where we look to disrupt daily injustices and oppression. They are a primary strategy to base-build, develop leaders and transform public narratives. An ideal candidate is passionate about campaigns who has a solid foundation in traditional campaigns and who is looking to experiment and innovate from a grounded place rooted in organizing fundamentals. They will join and lead our campaign team, collaborate closely with team members focused on communications and digital and report to Mijente’s Director.

Core Responsibilities

Campaign Strategy & Tactics

• Design over-arching campaigns, strategies and tactics to build power, win change, educate and/or change the public narrative.

• Identify and execute action in moments of opportunity to expose issues, engage or hold accountable targets and stakeholders.

• Identify potential obstacles to success and troubleshoot.

• Develop ways to engage members, supporters and partners in campaigns.

Communications and Digital Integration

• Monitor current events, local campaigns/organizing and media trends to identify opportunities to advance key issues, advocacy efforts and ongoing campaigns.

• Utilize digital tools and infrastructure to strengthen campaigns and advocacy efforts.

• Support in the identification and executing to capture earned and independent media opportunities.

Coordination and Management

• Lead campaign staff team to effectively develop and execute plans, assess conditions, create clear work plans and division of labor between participants.

• Ensure effective communication on campaign and advocacy efforts across the organization.

• Work with local grassroots organizations to identify patterns from local work, opportunities for mobilization and national campaign initiatives.

• Maintain communication with key national and local partners and players to continually provide assessment of state of play, challenges and opportunities.

Build Bridges, Break Silos

• Collaborate to create trainings and education to develop organizers’ and leaders’ ability to wage campaigns.

• Maintain awareness of key issues of concern to Mijente’s constituency and identify opportunities to support the work of allies.

• Represent Mijente’s values and principles in bi-lateral relationships and coalitions.

• Help steer the organization towards active solidarity in key movement moments outside of our core campaign areas of focus.

Required Qualifications & Interests

• Experienced campaigner: At least seven years’ experience leading campaigns (ex: legislative, policy, electoral, labor) and advanced understanding of power and how campaigns and communication organizing serve to shift or upend balance of power.

• Creative and bold tactician: willing to take risks and move nimbly to address issues or opportunities.

• Excellent communicator, team builder and task master.

• Experience coordinating and/or working closely with organizers and directors of organizations.

• Media savvy: understanding of how media works, communications strategies within campaigns and an ability to think in headlines.

• Experience with digital organizing or at least strong interest in integrating digital organizing into campaign work.

• Risk Taker & Problem Solver: Excellent ability to make assessments, make quick adjustments, honest evaluations and iterate as needed.

• Commitment to distributed organizing and/or ‘open source’ campaigns.

Preferred Qualifications & Interests

• Expertise in issues of criminal justice and criminalization in communities of color and low-income communities.

• Spanish language proficiency.

• Experience in multi-racial organizing and/or cross sectoral collaboration.

• Familiarity with the world of local organizing and organizations.


The salary for the Campaign Director is commensurate with experience.

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Mijente is an affirmative action employer. Mijente believes that all people are entitled to equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate in any matters on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, gender identity and presentation, religion or spirituality, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, marital status, pregnancy or parental status.