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Follow our journey in Seattle, where we’ll meet with North West Detention Center Resistance/Resistencia NWDC and immigrant rights leader Maru Mora.  NWDC Resistance has been challenging immigration detention in Seattle and supporting the hunger strikes organized by people detained. As an outspoken activist against deportation and detentions, ICE has initiated a deportation case against Maru. But Maru and her community are fighting back and defending the right to organize.


Join us as we meet with members of Organized Communities Against Deportations, an undocumented-led organization that has been the first responder to wide-spread immigration raids. They are also working to make sure that Chicago lives up to its promise of being a Sanctuary City, by pointing out that the Chicago Police Department plays a role in identifying people for ICE, particularly through their use of the “Chicago Gang Database,” an unsubstantiated list of people suspected by Chicago Police of being gang members that is shared with ICE and other federal agencies.

North Carolina

North Carolina has seen some of the most aggressive immigration raids, getting attention last year for targeting young students, even as they were waiting for the bus. In addition, the state government has helped ICE target its residents by increasing policing and collaboration with ICE. In response, community members from Alamance County, to Hendersonville to Asheville, are organizing to defend their communities against the raids and to fight back from the implementation of 287g, a program that gives local police the power to deport individuals. 

Morrisontown, TN

A few months ago, the small manufacturing town of Morristown, Tennessee, became the target of the largest work-site raid in the last decade. Since then, the state of Tennessee has also passed HB 2315, a law which demands all law enforcement to act as immigration officials. But this hasn’t stopped the people of Tennessee from organizing and standing up to La Migra. Find out how people are organizing in response to the raid and pushing back against local collaboration with ICE.

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Alejandra "Ale" Pablos

Web Series Host

Immigration and reproduction rights activist Alejandra Pablos joins Chinga La Migra as host of our web series. Pablos recently released from Eloy Detention Center after more than 40 days in detention.

Jacinta Protesting

Jacinta Gonzalez

Mijente Field Director

Jacinta Gonzalez has been organizing with Mijente’s since 2016, bringing her experience formerly running the Congreso de Jornaleros in New Orleans, and organizing with the Sonaran River Basin Committees in México against environmental devastation caused by the mining industry.


Brenda Perez


Brenda began organizing around the issues of immigrant rights and labor exploitation in middle Tennessee. She is committed to the struggles of migrant labor, racial justice and immigrant detention in the mid-south. She joined the Mijente team in late 2017.

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