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You matter, your voice matters, and your choice matters. Your digital signature can be the one that blows up the echo chamber and marks the change - from preventing a government organization from using our biometric data, to stopping a company from running discriminatory ads, to defending our communities from detention and deportation.

Reporters, corporations, and policy makers all look out to digital activism as a signal of public interest. Online petitions have changed the course of big projects. Digital activism can also represent the beginning of a cultural shift and social movement.

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Tech companies are building tools used to surveil, incarcerate, and deport our communities. This has to stop. Join our gente, students, tech workers, and allies organizing to fight for a surveillance-free future. #NoTechForIce

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On January 20th, the Biden Administration announced an audit of the agencies responsible for managing immigration. As they conduct their internal review, the people will have our own process.


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Erase the database.


Freedom of movement.


Shut down the NWDC.



Stop Ivan's deportation to Mexico!

by Resistencia N.379 signers sign


by Resistencia N.361 signers sign

Demand the Release of U.S. Citizen Detained at Stewart Detention Center. SIGN THE PETITION.

by Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights ..147 signers sign

Tell PAG & RTA: Enact an Inclusive & Green Transportation Plan

by F.U.G.A. (Familias Unidas Ganando Accesibilidad/ Families United Gaining Accessibility) 307 signers sign

Free Santiago!

by Resistencia N.538 signers sign

Biden & Mayorkas: Stop Deportations Now!

by Mijente2010 signers sign

Tell ICE: Release Rene from NWDC!

by Resistencia N.45 signers sign

Stop the Deportation of Ana Adan Cajigal

by Miriam B.1541 signers sign


by Van H.754 signers sign

Stop Pauline's Deportation

by Van H.2976 signers sign

Release Santos from NWDC!

by Resistencia N.487 signers sign

Justice for Bernardo Palacios Carbajal

by Rose Park Brown Berets and Just Media Utah -.1764 signers sign

Universal Pass for Grades (2nd semester)

by Angel F.393 signers sign

Don't Reward Martin Selig for renting to ICE

by Wendy S.19 signers sign

Chicagoans Say "No New CPD Gang Database"

by Rey W.445 signers sign

Tell Duke Admin to drop Palantir

by Jenna S.276 signers sign

Metro Nashville Public Schools: STOP Wage Theft!

by Rachel T.390 signers sign

Shut down the NWDC! ¡Cierren el NWDC!

by Resistencia N.2148 signers sign

Insist Rice University Cut Ties with Palantir

by Nery P.187 signers sign

Tell Jeff Bezos & Amazon: Cut Your Ties to ICE!

by Prime Day Coalition640 signers sign

Stop ICE in Their Tracks! NO Vans for ICE!

by Luz C.1821 signers sign

Help Stop Cristian's Deportation!

by Welcoming Cicero C.416 signers sign

Sign Now: Tell ICE Director to release Francisco!

by Jeanette M.300 signers sign

No Detention in a Sanctuary City!

by Juntos i.1692 signers sign

UC Berkeley: Cut your ties to Palantir!

by Amanda C.4021 signers sign

Get Madres Out of Detention, Free Sandra Orozco!

by Puente H.542 signers sign

Trans Woman Asylum Seeker Has Been Re-detained!

by Mijente i.570 signers sign

Stop Racial Profiling in Berwyn/ALTO AL PERFIL RACIAL EN BERWYN

by Berwyn Comunidad en Acción /.146 signers sign

Chicagoans Say "No New CPD Gang Database in Chicago"

by Erase the Database Coalition201 signers sign

Chief Manley, stop doing ICE's dirty work

by Claudia M.176 signers sign

Tell Arlington Board: No Amazon in VA!

by Amanda C.2119 signers sign

Tell Amazon: Stop Powering ICE!

by Mijente i.8885 signers sign

Save the Cardona/Dunoyer family from deportation

by Nadia O.9267 signers sign

End Nashville's Contracts with ICE and CoreCivic

by Zacnite V.786 signers sign

Support Lulu's Fight to Remain Home!

by Rey W.921 signers sign

Chicago police racist terrorism

by Oscar V.28 signers sign

Justice For Mele

by Resistencia N.430 signers sign

Stop Yesica's Deportation!

by Chicago Religious L.2134 signers sign


by Laura C.261 signers sign

The People's Moratorium: Halt Construction on New Youth Jail and Courts!

by No New Youth Jail Coalition S.2095 signers sign

Justice for Edin Mejia Ramos

by Wnd O.1270 signers sign

Release Immigrant Rights Activist Alejandra Pablos from Detention

by Mijente & National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health24615 signers sign

Mayor Emanuel: Release Information About Potential ICE Raids to Protect Chicagoans

by Organized Communities Against Deportations210 signers sign

Gay Couple Torn Apart By ICE

by Galaei P.1537 signers sign

Release Benjamin Valdez from Custody

by Rev. Cynthia C.54 signers sign

Free Selena and Drop the Charges!

by Sofía C.4251 signers sign

Save Tacoma's Citizens' Forum!

by Resistencia N.340 signers sign

End Police Violence in Kern County

by Laura S.621 signers sign

Help us keep Nelson Pinos home

by Unidad L.1155 signers sign

Release hunger striking Cuban national in detention

by Resistencia N.109 signers sign


by Yuni C.23224 signers sign

Let Sajuti Stay!

by Alok B.382 signers sign

Detention Centers Are Not Correctional Facilities!

by Resistencia N.152 signers sign

Tell Sen Schumer to Back a Clean Dream Act Now!

by Yonkers Sanctuary M.38 signers sign

Keep Franklin and Gioconda Ramos Home!

by Anna R.576 signers sign

Free the Cuban Asylum Seekers!

by Resistencia N.120 signers sign

Free the NWDC 3!

by Resistencia N.345 signers sign

Keep Marco Antonio Reyes Home!

by Unidad L.1334 signers sign

Bring Joel Colindres home! Deported on 1/31/18.

by Save Joel C.5465 signers sign

Gov. Cuomo: Fix and Fund the Subway!

by Nelini S.30 signers sign

Stop the Deportation of Lourdes Salazar Bautista

by Maria I.8685 signers sign

Stop the deportation of Jose Valle Rodriguez

by Maria I.845 signers sign

PHX PD Release Police Report

by Viridiana H.383 signers sign


Education Justice

Environmental Justice

Gender & Reproductive Justice

Health Justice

Land and Housing

Language Justice

LGBTQ Rights

Migrant Rights


Police & Prisons

Voting and Representation

Workplace & Economic Justice


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